David DeSteno. Dave completed his graduate work in social psychology at Yale. He spent the next 3 years as a postdoctoral fellow at Ohio State, and has been at Northeastern since 1999.

Jolie Baumann. Jolie is a 5th year grad student working on (a) emotion and threat detection, (b) emotion and integroup prejudice, and (c) the processes underlying trust dynamics in novel partnerships (i.e., better known colloquially as the “robot study”). Jolie hails from Oneida, NY and came to Northeastern by way of Ithaca College.

Paul Condon. Paul is a 3rd year grad student working on (a) the role of gratitude in fostering interpersonal bonding and social capital, (b) the dynamics of compassion as related to forgiveness and punishment, and (c) the impact of emotions on intergroup relations. Paul hails form Pendleton, Oregon and came to Northeastern from Gonzaga University.

Leah Dickens. Leah is a 2nd year grad student with interests focusing on the role of emotions and wellbeing. At present, she is working on projects examining the social sequelae of gratitude and the dynamics of trust. Leah comes from Sharon, MA and completed her BA in psychology at Connecticut College.