Press & Talks

Selected Media Coverage
CBC Radio’s The Current 
(Dec. 2011)Boston Globe (Sept. 2011)The Times of London (Aug. 2011)Talk of the Nation (May 2011)The Atlantic (May 2011)Scientific American Mind (May 2011)Boston Globe (May 2011)USA Today (May 2011)Radio Boston (NPR, May 2011)Wall Street Journal (Oct. 2010)Boston Globe (July 2010)Newsweek (Sept. 2009)
Science Times, New York Times (April 2009)
Freakonomics Blog, New York Times (July 2008)Science Times, New York Times (July 2008)
Newsweek (June 2008)
Boston Globe (Aug. 2006)
Science Times, New York Times (April 2004)
The Times of London (April 2004)
Year in Ideas, New York Times Magazine (Dec. 2002)
Science Times, NewYork Times (Oct. 2002)
Newsweek (Dec. 1996)

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