Lifecore Lc 985vg Elliptical Trainer

Fitness Equipment Advice – Reviewing The Lifecore Lc 985vg Elliptical Trainer

Fitness Equipment Advice – Reviewing The Lifecore Lc 985vg Elliptical Trainer

The Lifecore LC-985VG elliptical trainer is one of the top home exercise equipment products on the market today. Retailing for around $1,000, it offers a durable frame that withstands moderate to heavy exercise and high-tech features designed to improve your workout. In this article, we’ll cover the advantages and disadvantages of this popular fitness product.

Lifecore LC 985VG Advantages

One thing that’s good to know is that in 2009, this cross-trainer was voted by a top consumer magazine to be the “best buy” elliptical machine for home use. This was a reflection of the extra durable construction and nice variety of features. It may also reflect the compact design that is very easy to fit into the home and even move from one room to another.

Even though it is designed to be compact, the foot petals are adjustable and still allow most users to ride at their full stride length comfortably. It is completely safe for users up to 300 pounds, which is a heavier weight limit than you will find on lower priced ellipticals.

Another huge benefit to purchasing from Lifecore in general is that they are known for great customer service and they promptly stand behind their warranties. On this product, the warranty includes 5 years on all parts and 1 year on labor.

Using the Lifecore LC-985VG

This machine is extremely smooth and quiet, thanks to the use of bearings in all moving parts rather than the standard bushings used in most other brands around this price range.

Besides the moving handlebars that enrich every workout, there are also two stabilized handlebars with built-in heart rate sensor grips. The console is equipped with 4 heart rate programs that work with those grips as well as 12 other preprogrammed workout options and space for 4 custom workouts to be programmed in.

The advanced technology console displays time, date, and room temperature as well as the standard workout feedback metrics.

Consumers who leave reviews for this elliptical find it extremely quiet and smooth to operate and appreciate that the foot pedals can be adjusted to their height requirements.

LC-985VG Disadvantages

There aren’t too many negatives to this product, but the lack of warranty coverage on the frame has to be mentioned. (As mentioned above, the warranty covers only the parts.)

One other complaint from some users is that the console is a bit complicated to understand when you first start using the machine. This is a result of the more advanced technology, which most users are not used to interacting with. This does not interfere with the workout and is something that most users will get accustomed to after using the machine a couple times.

For anyone looking to put in moderate to high intensity workouts in their home, the Lifecore elliptical trainer is a preferable machine over lower cost models that don’t stand up to more vigorous workouts. It is also a great option for those who want a high quality machine that will fit nicely into their home and continue to perform well for many years.…

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Armchair Exercises for the Elderly

Armchair Exercises for the Elderly

Armchair Exercises for the Elderly Armchair Exercises for the Elderly by gladeve

Armchair Exercises for the Elderly
Armchair Exercises for the Elderly

Armchair exercises are ideal and suitable for the person that finds it difficult to get up and move around so these armchair exercises will help. Try moving your arms, legs, shoulders and feet around every 30 minutes just for a minute or two, this will help to keep the circulation in the body moving.

Here are a few exercises to try, not only will they help to keep you warm but will help with mobility and fitness.

Feet and ToesLift your feet a few inches off the floor a couple of inches and wiggle your toes.

Now, slowly lower your legs to floor then slowly raise them back up until the knee joint is locked. Repeat a few times.

Keeping your feet off the floor, extend your legs and push your feet forward as if pointing at something in the distance with your toes, hold for a few seconds then pull your feet back, pointing the toes to towards the ceiling.

Put both feet back on the floor, hip width apart, and come up onto the balls of your feet, lifting your heels off the floor. Hold for a few seconds then relax and repeat a few times.

With your feet flat on the floor, lift one foot at a time and slowly rotate your ankles around in small circles (both directions) to loosen off any excess tension.

LegsAfter your feet, move your attention to your lower legs and calf muscles.

Sit up straight and tense the lower leg muscles, holding for a few seconds, feeling the various muscles contract before relaxing. Repeat three times.

Relax and bring your attention to the upper legs. Tense the upper leg muscles and hold for a few seconds, Repeat three times, again building up the tension to your maximum each time.

Sit with your feet hip width apart and come up onto the balls of your feet, lifting your heels off the floor. Push your legs down as if trying to push your heels back onto the floor, whilst resisting and tensing the legs so that the heels dont actually go back to the floor. Relax and repeat several times.

Next, sit with your feet hip width apart, but with your knees together. Start squeezing your knees together and tense your upper leg muscles. Do this several times, gradually building with each one up to your maximum effort.

Stay in the same position, but this time put your hands on the outside of your knees. Push outwards, trying to open your knees apart, but resist with your hands so that they dont open. Start slowly, building to your maximum effort.

HandsWiggle your fingers quickly for a few seconds on both hands.

Then open and close your hands quickly, extending your fingers to the maximum and making a fist each time you close your hand.

Relax your hands and wrists and give them a good shake as if youve just washed them then realized there is nothing to dry them on.

Stop shaking and gently bend and rotate your wrists through their full range of movement. Add light pressure by gently pushing the hand forward and back from the wrist with the opposite hand.

When we say the upper body, were talking arms, shoulders, chest and back.

Raise both arms horizontally, out to your sides, shoulder height as if you were doing an impression of an aeroplane. Push out your arms in both directions, reaching as far out as physically possible, feeling the stretch across your back and chest.

Relax from this stretch but keep your arms out straight and start to move them very slowly in small circles as if running your finger around the outside rim of a coin. Do ten small circles forward, then ten small circles backwards.Relax the arms and shake them off.

Put both hands together as if you have just clapped, hold them out in front of you, elbows raised and push your hands together as hard as you can, tensing your arms, chest, shoulders and back for 10 seconds when you do this properly your upper body will physically start to shake with the effort.

Put both hands together behind your back, palms together, and again push to your maximum effort, tensing your arms, chest, shoulders and back for 10 seconds.

Neck and headOkay, move your attention to your head and neck. Your neck and spine are very delicate and should only ever be exercised slowly and gently, and without tension, particularly when rotating the head in a circular motion. Never force movements, and dont do anything that hurts.

Slowly drop your head forward, taking your chin to your chest for a few of seconds.

Bring your head back to its normal position then take it slowly backwards. Again, hold for a few seconds.

With the head tilted back, drop your mouth open and slowly close again, pushing the chin forward. Perform several times.

Bring head back to normal centre position, looking forward. Look to the left side, hold for a few seconds, then change to the right side and hold for a few seconds.

Bring your head back to its normal position, drop your chin to the chest and slowly roll your head in a gentle, relaxed circular motion. Do this several times in both directions, slowly easing out any tensions and stiffness.

Well done, youve finished.

You can perform armchair exercises anywhere

Try to keep a regular routine to help you stick with these exercises. Maybe you could perform them every time a certain TV programme is on, or at a particular time of the day, whatever suits you best and whatever keeps you in a good routine.

Do these simple, exercises regularly and youll soon notice a increase in your strength, flexibility and mobility. And believe me, once youve started to build these energising attributes, youll want to keep them.

For further information on this topic and more articleson care of the elderly please go to

For further information on care of the elderly along with a choice of Care and Nursing Homes in the uk go to

Article Source: Armchair Exercises for the Elderly

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The Most Fun And Best Water Exercise For Back Pain and General Fitness

The Most Fun And Best Water Exercise For Back Pain and General Fitness

The Most Fun And Best Water Exercise For Back Pain and General Fitness
The Most Fun And Best Water Exercise For Back Pain and General Fitness

When I was pregnant with my first child, I had the worst case of sciatica that had bedridden me for the last 7 weeks of my pregnancy. I could not move a muscle and the pain was unbearable. During this time the doctors couldn’t X-Ray to see what had happened nor give me any pain killers. After birth, I had an MRI scan to see exactly what was wrong.

It turned out that the pain I had, was not only from the sciatica but also from the fact that I had a completely bulged disk that caused my vertebra to rub on each other. The doctors were in a rush to operate on my back where the chances of a successful operation are 50/50. This meant that either I will be able to walk again or sit in a wheelchair for the rest of my life.

I believe in the power of will and nature so I decided to find a different solution to my back problem and if nothing worked, I would have had no choice but to operate. I turned to acupuncture and low impact exercises which eventually saved me from laying on the operating table.

the acupuncture completely dissolved the bulge disk in the body, therefore my pain slowly went away and the water exercises enabled me to strength the muscles in my lower back and eventually in my whole body.

I started walking and swimming up and down the lane in a swimming pool which didn’t excite me, coupled with some other exercises that unmotivated me. I assume this is the reason why so many different methods of water exercises have been developed.

So I moved to Yoga in the water which was perfect for me at the time and a lot more interesting. As I became a bit stronger I moved to aqua-aerobics, deep water exercises etc… I enjoyed them all but still felt I was pushing myself to do them, they didn’t completely grab me. I had to keep exercising, stopping was not an option if I wanted to do things with my new first baby (Needless to say that by then I was slowly getting better and already knew that I won’t be having a back operation).

That’s when I discovered cycling in the water with a Water Bike or Aqua Bike at the Des-Renford pool in Maroubra, Sydney.

It was the best thing for me because, not only I had found something totally different, I had also found something that is SO MUCH FUN. I couldn’t get enough of it and I have become addicted to water bike classes. A short while after I started the Aqua bike lessons, I was able to roll on the floor with my 1 year old for the first time. The Aqua bike had pushed me to fitness levels I never thought was possible for me.

This is how it works: You sit on a stationary bike in the pool (Water waist high) and start peddling according to the fitness instructor. After warm-up, he adds the arm exercises which are also in the water. Some of the different varieties of exercises are very challenging, yet so much fun. It strengths all your major and small supporting muscles; legs, buttocks, abs, arms and chest.

Case study shows aquatic exercises are gentle on your joints and muscles as opposed to land based exercises due to the water properties. The “Aqua Bike” or “Water Bike” exercises are also well known as excellent exercises for cardiovascular fitness. This doesn’t mean that land based exercises are not good for you, it just means that water based exercises are better for you whether you are a fit person trying to keep healthy and in shape or a weak muscle toned person trying to get fit and improve strength

It has been 6 years since I started the “Aqua bike” classes and I certainly believe that Low impact exercises are the safest way to exercise in order to lose weight, get fit and tone your muscles; with saying that, you need to have fun and be motivated while exercising. Thankfully, in my opinion I have found the most fun fitness program of all times (Land or Water).

It turns out that the “Aqua bike” and “Aqua treadmill” classes are also excellent for hydrotherapy. It certainly is more fun than walking up and down a swimming pool lane.

Here are other Aquatic Fitness Centres around Australia that have this wonderful program; I truly believe that if it’s near you, you should try this.


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Rollerblades: A Good Workout?

Rollerblades: A Good Workout?

Rollerblades, a good workout or a bad idea? We will look at both sides of this question. Sports equipment is important for a few reasons. In today’s world, all we hear about in the news and read about in the papers is how more and more people need to lose weight. Doctors say any exercise that you enjoy or will stick with is a good exercise. But everyday, doctors treat patients who have been injured while roller blading. Is the health benefit worth the safety issues?

Rollerblades: A Good Workout?
Rollerblades: A Good Workout?

First let’s look at the good aspects of using Rollerblades. There are many of these, and using Rollerblades does count as cardiovascular exercise as long as you are actually skating with them and not just standing in them. They give the muscles in your calves, thighs, abdominal muscles, and butt muscles. Rollerblades provide a great all over workout to help tone and tighten your body while boosting your circulation and metabolism. By using Rollerblades, you will be getting the exercise that we all so desperately need, but yet enjoying yourself so it will not feel like exercise. This means that you are more likely to stick with this exercise and stay healthier because of it. Rollerblades can be a very important piece of sports equipment to help in your exercise routine. This can be done by using Rollerblades alone, or with other sports equipment to round out your routine. There are even televised Roller Derby competitions where members of two competing teams race.

There can be drawbacks to using Rollerblades, as with any sports equipment. There are the usual muscle problems when you first start any exercise that gives you a good workout. muscle aches and pains, pulled muscles, overexertion from doing too much too soon, and these types of assorted minor injuries. If you are doing strenuous roller blading in a warm environment, like the summer heat, heat exhaustion or dehydration can occur if you do it for too long at one time. Make sure to drink lots of water while exercising. Another slight risk is serious injury if you fall. Anytime you are on wheels, balance comes into play and you could fall. A helmet and the proper pads can help minimize this risk and make this sport a lot safer. Anytime you participate in a sport, the appropriate sports equipment should be used for safety.…

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